Social Media Profiles

Social Media is a platform for social interactions with others. It is persons creating a profile (a persona) of themselves on platforms created by businesses such as Facebook.

A Persona is our profile, it describes who we are, how we appear to be, and our relationships and interactions with others.

Do not be too believable of the posts and shares you see by your friends and followers. These are not who they are, but only a part of the Persona they decide to publically share.

Social Media Persona
Create a Social Media Persona! What do you want people to see of you, how do you want them to know you? You decide how you want to present yourself.

For me, just be authentic.  Authentic in that, ideally we have good values so that seeing through us would just see those good values.

Wide Accessibility
Remember that with technology today, every information posted on the internet is accessible to everyone. Every information posted is public. We would not know who has accessed our information and how it is used.

Employers do check your Social Media profile to get a better understanding of who they are hiring into their team. It is best to have good values at the core, so that your social media profile reflects who you are as a person. It is difficult to remember differences if the person you are, and the person you present to be, have lapses. The inconsistencies eventually surface in your actions or behavior, it’s easy to see through an inconsistent character.

Superstars & Multiple Accounts
Recently I came across this concept of Superstars having multiple Facebook accounts. Although in some cases, fans in such a craze also make their own artist profile as if they are the artist, but let’s talk about the first. 

One idea for having multiple accounts is to segregate different friend networks. For example, we would not want our competitive work colleagues updated on the details of our personal life.

Be specific on content, what you post on social media. Be specific on persona, how you represent yourself. Social Media is after all, a digital newspaper, everyone has access.