Go BIG or Go Home

Go BIG or go home, what are you Really lusting for?

Go Big or Go Home describes going all in when you decide to commit- there is no point in only committing halfway. Keep in mind to be strategic and assess your surroundings before throwing a big move out there. As well, strive for respect from your peers, don’t get caught up with the need to feel “liked”.

What are you Really lusting for? this section is very insightful to me today. The author describes how most successful women are doing something they love and that matters to them, what is your true passion?
– It always helps to get out of our comfort zone, unexpected and new environments allow new experiences and learning. Notice moments when you feel your curiosity stir.
– Always challenge your thinking, and encourage your friends to challenge your thinking. Because we don’t always see what’s right for us, no matter how smart and self-aware we are. An outside perspective usually helps!
– Not everything is about looks, consider how you feel in the process.

Remember to savor & enjoy your success!!!

Original article written Oct.22, 2012.  Content from this post is from Kate White’s “I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This”