Pleasures in Life – “Fun”

What are the pleasures in your life? On my way home from swimming, I turned on the radio and this thought struck me. Many individuals in today’s society seek pleasure in pride, fun, materialism, and absence of difficulties. Then there are those who thrive in humility, perseverance, love and struggle. They appear different from people because they don’t do things in the same way. Typical activities, interests or possessions don’t interest them in the same manner as the others.

It is important to differentiate pride and confidence. My description of pride is attributing all success to yourself, when in reality others contributed to the outcome even in a minor way. Confidence is having an accurate self-image and believing in who you are as a person. One danger with pride in today’s society is individuals thinking they understand the world and the people who live in it. Their pride makes them think they are wise and insist that others follow false knowledge. In contrast, an individual with confidence will help guide you to find the truth that exists in this world. (OK, this is getting a little abstract for me but I’ll keep writing and let my thoughts run. I’ll probably write another post in response to this one to elaborate better.)

What is “fun”? Perhaps depending where you are in life, the answer is different for this question. For me, fun is having a good laugh about the silliest things in life. Ever since, I found it amusing to watch how two people fall in love. The little things such as the boy rehearsing his lines multiple times to ask the girl on a date, but when he encounters the girl his mouth runs dry. I’d get a good laugh out of this anytime, whether it is hearing, watching or reading this story; it’s fun!

I find nowadays that my peers find it “fun” when they have a late night with lots of alcoholic drinks. They find it fun that inhibitions are loose and the mind can relax. I have been in a couple of events where I have drank more alcohol than intended, and I find that I lose balance.  I did not enjoy the lack of self-control, I was more weary on not prompting further injuries.  I can’t comprehend what “fun” there is with a night drinking too many drinks, arrive home all drunk, then waking up with a headache; spending all that money on alcohol is also a waste. I would rather spend the money on a cozy dinner with my family.

Some time ago I used to enjoy “clubbing” – late night dancing with loud music in clubs. One time I went, had one alcoholic drink, but did not enjoy the evening at all. The whole night I stared at all the provocative dancing, and was extremely disgusted. I tried to not think about it or look, but it was everywhere.  These actions are supposed to be save between two loved ones, and in the covenant of marriage.  These couples were all in the influence of alcohol, and delving into lust. I dont know how my friends, Christians and from families of Christian backgrounds could tolerate such an environment. I certainly couldn’t, and just wanted to go home. That was the last time I went clubbing, to this date. I used to think clubbing was fun until I realized that there is more to life.

Lesson for reader: Sometimes we think / feel certain activities are “fun”, not realizing its temporary fulfilment. Here and then it’s good to loosen up and relax, but take notice of the time spent. It’s easy to get carried away in short-lasting fun. Continue exploring in life and see what’s out there to find out what fun brings you happiness and satisfaction. When you find this, you will no longer seek for what is temporary, but seek that which is everlasting.

Written Jan. 14, 2012