Professionalism & Image

A professional workplace attitude shows that

A. you take pride in your work, B. you set a positive example, C. you help reach organization goals

Easy steps on how you can project a professional image

1. Appreciate the importance of appearances – First impressions are generally made based on looks. It is important to have good time keeping, arrive on time, if not slightly earlier in case of unforeseen circumstances.

2. Be dependable – Do your fair share, be an effective team player. Have a proactive attitude, look from the perspective of what can you do to help your team succeed. Collaborate, take initiative, and share knowledge.

3. Maintain a positive attitude – Often our thoughts and feelings determine our actions. Our positive attitude motivates both ourselves and those around us.

4. Treat colleagues with respect – Be mindful of personal space. Acknowledge people’s contributions, listen carefully before adding in your own suggestions.

5. Support your organization – Maintain proper etiquettes as your actions and behaviors reflect the organization. Consider professional attire, confidentiality agreements, company values.

6. Communicate appropriately – Correct spoken and written language demonstrates attention to detail, tactfulness and consideration. Focus on your tone and style to express yourself clearly. Language can affect how others perceive you. For example, a poorly spelled memo could imply that you are careless and approach your work casually with little importance. It is helpful to smile and greet colleagues by name when passing in the hallway.

Professional Attire

Some guidelines to dressing appropriately in the office are : 1. Respect the office dress code. 2. Ensure your clothes are in good order, avoid clothing with stains, wrinkles, etc.  3. Observe how your peers dress. 4. Make sure your clothes fit properly. It is good to be slightly overdressed in your first few days of a new job. This establishes professionalism and sends a positive message that you take your seriously.

Written Jan. 2, 2012