SO01Chicken Asparagus SoupP245
SO02Chicken Corn Soup with EggP245
SO03Hot & Sour soupP245
SO04Hototay SoupP245
SO05Nido Soup with Quail EggP245
Seafood Spinach Soup is shown in the picture on the right.
SO08Crab Meat Corn SoupP245
SO09Fish Lip Corn SoupP245
SO11Seafood Spinach SoupP245
SO14Clams SoupP245

Filipino-Style Soup

SO07Pork SinigangP225
SO12Shrimp SinigangP245
SO16Chicken TinolaP245
SO06Salmon sa MisoP395
SO15Beef BulaloP550*disc P395
Beef Bulalo shown in the picture on the right